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Hosting Specs

Our network easily and quickly spans the US and beyond.

Your data gets perfect routes to where it needs to all the time.

We have some of the most comprehensive peering arrangements anywhere. Our peering arrangements provide direct connectivity to many locations outside of our facilities. We have put the time and energy into opening these peering routes, which allows us to provide you with the best connectivity possible for your Web Hosting package.

Server Hardware

All our web hosting packages are deployed on the latest technology to ensure the best speed and uptime possible to our customers. We never overload our servers! The minimum hardware specs we have on offer is:

  • Latest Intel quad or hex core server CPUs
  • 32GB DDR RAM
  • 4x1TB HDD in RAID 10
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • All our servers are proactively monitored and patched

Datacenter and Network

  • 320kVA of battery backup capacity.
  • 350kW of generator capacity.
  • 90 Tons of AC capacity.
  • 1200A 480V diverse power feed.
  • Double pre-action-dry-pipe Fire Suppression System
100 Mbps Uplink


All of our hosting nodes use the latest software from cPanel, Cloud Linux, Softaculous, K-Splice and R1Soft. This combination ensures that our servers run at maximum speed with the world class security and stability.

Ready for Hosting?

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