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Virtual Office
Hangzhou, China

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Level 3 JIAHUA International Business Center
15 HangDa Road
Hangzhou, 310007

Located at the foot of the picturesque Baoshi Mountain in Hangzhou, JIAHUA International Business Center provides a prestigious location with a strong cultural and historical identity. It has consistently been recognised as one of the best buildings in Hangzhou and is widely regarded as setting the standard for commercial construction and design in Hangzhou. Attracting many of the worlds fortune 500 companies, this stunning location will quickly give your business the prestige and reputation you deserve.

The local area is full of five star hotels such as the Hyatt JW Marriot and the Golden Dragon, top restaurants, cafes and shopping malls full of the world's most prestigious brands. Servcorp will have its full array of products available including its world renowned global communications system and specially designed business registration offices.

Price: $199.00

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