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Trademark Registration

Imagine creating something amazing, and then
losing it all.

Protecting your brand's trademark can be a difficult and confusing process ‐ unless you have a team of geeks.

We have just such a team, and they can arrange an International Trademark registration for you!

Application Form

Submit a brief inquiry form with countries you intend to register your trademark in.

Email Confirmation

Receive an email from us with a link to proceed with your trademark registration.

Trademark Registration

Follow our easy to use trademark registration process to place your trademark order.


Trademark Application Inquiry Form

Where would you like to register your Trademark?
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Quote Name: ON-TMFREEQuote Date: 23/03/2017

This inquiry will generate a free quote for trademarks in your selected countries.

An application form will be emailed to you with instructions on how to proceed with your trademark registration.

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We'd love to help you find the best office solution for your business.

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