Be Free with a Phone Number

OnlyDomains gives you the freedom to register phone numbers from all over the world and to redirect them to any telephone number globally.

Purchase a global phone number for as little as $4.99USD per month to keep in touch with family, friends and clients from Newtown Check out our OnlyDomains Number Packs and pricing plans!

Global Phone Numbers
from Newtown

With the advanced nature of OnlyDomains Numbers ENUM based technology, there is no difference in redirecting your incoming calls from Europe to a phone number half-way across world.

Just as importantly, our state-of-the-art phone redirection facilities give you complete control over your phone number whatever the time, day, or location.

Stay In Touch With Family
& Friends living in Newtown

With OnlyDomains phone redirection service, We will provide you with your own local Newtown phone number that can redirect your incoming phone calls from Newtown to your office, home, cell phone or VoIP phone at the simple touch of a button. It's never been easier - or cheaper - to keep in touch with your family and friends ones in Newtown. offers phone numbers in over 4000 locations in 60 different countries - and that's just the beginning!

Small Business to Global Business
Phone Numbers

Juggling all of the functions of your business can be difficult, especially when travel is involved.

With OnlyDomains, you can now redirect your phone calls from Newtown to your office phone, cell phone or home phone, giving you complete flexibility over where you work - and meaning you never have to worry about missing important phone calls again!

Benefits of OnlyDomains Numbers for business

Advertising with a local phone number gets better results.

A local phone number allows you to compete with your local competition.

With the advanced call redirection you can seamlessly transition calls between different offices all around the world, depending upon time zones.

Your own Customer
Support / Call Centres easily accessible from Newtown

With OnlyDomains, we ensure that you have full control over how and when your customers' phone calls are redirected. With our advanced time of day phone call forwarding features, you can set the time that inbound phone calls redirect to after-hours call centre support or switch operations between various call centres in different time zones.

Advanced features such as fax to email, voice mail to email, instant call redirection, toll free numbers, and time of day call and caller ID redirection ensure you have a more compelling service to offer your customers in Newtown.