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Domain Privacy

Privacy for Internet users is a very hot topic.

Governments, companies, and ex-girlfriends are taking advantage of users’ lack of privacy and using information for evil purposes. Maybe.

If you own a domain name, it is compulsory to have an address, phone number, and email address listed on a public registry. This can then be found by anyone by doing what is called a WHOIS look up.

Try it below.

query@onlydomains:~$ whois

OnlyDomains can have your personal details removed from the
registry and replaced with the following methods:

Replace your
postal address
...with the address of our nominated
Privacy Escrow provider
Replace your phone
number and fax number
...with phone and fax numbers of our nominated
Privacy Escrow provider
Replace your
email address
...with a uniquely-generated email
address that automatically forwards
to your email address

Apply for domain privacy by logging into your control panel.


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Auth Code

Note: Due to restrictions of the regulatory authorities, our WHOIS Privacy service is not available for .asia domain name registrations. Our WHOIS Privacy service is restricted to domain names registered with OnlyDomains. You will need to disable WHOIS Privacy before transferring your domain name to another registrar as they will need your information to initiate a registrar domain name transfer.