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.Melbourne $61.00/yr+

The city's new home online

Melbourne is a city like no other. It is in the same breath both the sporting and cultural capital of Australia. Often voted the most liveable city in the world, it is no wonder that so many people want to be there – 38% of Melbourne residents have chosen to move there from overseas, including the largest Italian and Greek populations outside of those two countries. Not many other cities can claim to cater to such diverse populations.

Now you can join this diverse and exciting population online with a .Melbourne domain name. Order yours today!

Price can vary if the registry operator has classified your desired domain name as a premium name, which incurs a variable higher price than what's shown above.

.melbourne Domain Name Registration Information

  • .melbourne Registration Time: instant*
  • gTLD Operator: State Government of Victoria, with help from ARI Registry Services
  • General Availability Requirements: Should be a Victorian Entity, Resident or Associated Entity
  • (*to existing customers)

Domain Renewal and Transfer Pricing

Transfer your existing domains to OnlyDomains and keep everything controlled in one simple and easy to manage account.

Please note that in some extensions activating a transfer will renew your domain therefore a renew fee will be charged when placing your transfer order. After the transfer is processed, your domain name will be updated with the new expiry date.

Transfer procedures vary, so don’t hesitate to contact our Support team for any clarification on how to transfer your domain(s) to OnlyDomains.

Renew Fee $61.00/yr
Transfer Fee $0.00

+ registration fee

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