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.COM.TR Turkey Domain Registration - Register your .COM.TR Domain Name

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.com.tr $59.99/yr

OnlyDomains is proud to offer domain registration services for .com.tr domain names, which are classified as Turkey domains so they can be used to target communities all over the world!

To double check the availability of a .com.tr domain simply input your desired domain into the box above and click the search button!

Turkish Domain Name Registration Information

  • .com.tr Registration Time: 14 days
  • .com.tr Requirements: Restricted
  • Country: Turkey
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Requirement Details: To register a .COM.TR domain the customer will need to prove that they'll be using the domain for business purposes inside Turkey. These are the things we'll need:

    \u00E2\u20AC\u00A2Turkish domain registration document signed and sent back.

    \u00E2\u20AC\u00A2Copy of business registration certificate or trademark registration certificate that is a close of exact match to the domain. The country of origin for the certificate doesn't need to be Turkey.

    \u00E2\u20AC\u00A2Proof that you have existing Business inside Turkey. Something like a copy of a trade agreement with a Turkish company or an invoice from a Turkish client is acceptable.

    The Turkish domain registration document will be provided after we submit the order onto the registry as it's generated at their end.
If you have any questions regarding the registration process for Turkish domains, don't hestitate to contact us.

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