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.SG Singapore Domain Registration - Register your .SG Domain Name

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.sg $39.99/yr

OnlyDomains is pleased to offer registration services for .sg domain names.

.sg Domain Name Information

If you have any questions regarding the registration process for Singaporean domain, don't hestitate to contact us.

Singapore Domain Name Registration Information

  • .sg Registration Time: instant*
  • .sg Requirements: Restricted
  • Country: Singapore
  • Nationality: Singaporean
  • (*to existing customers)

.sg NDN (numeric domain names)

OnlyDomains is excited to announce the launch of over 72,000 sliver premium numeric domain names (ndn) in 3-11 digit range (###.sg, #####.sg).

We would like to invite to you pursue this fantastic opportunity. These names are available from 1st October – 31st March 2016. Previously advertised at silver premium pricing, NDNs are now available at the standard .sg registration price. First come first served basis applies.

To see the Algorithm table for the Silver premium NDNs that are NOT available to be registered, please download it here

Also available in .com.sg, per.sg, net.sg, org.sg and edu.sg.

Best Priced .sg Domain Names

OnlyDomains Limited is proud to be the cheapest provider of .COM.SG and .SG domain names throughout the world.

Singapore is recognized as one of the biggest international trading hubs within South East Asia, and their economy is currently experiencing amazing growth.

The .COM.SG domain name is Singapore’s most popular domain name, and is well recognized by Singapore and internationally as the name space that defines Singapore’s commercial online presence.

The .SG domain name is also growing in popularity, and the .SG domain name is also recognized by Singapore and internationally as an essential Singapore domain name to use. Any commercial applicant can register .COM.SG domain name if they demonstrate intention of conducting business within Singapore. If you are based outside of Singapore, Only Domains will provide you with a local presence service at no additional cost.

Both commercial and individual applicants can register a .SG domain name. If you are based outside of Singapore, Only Domains will provide you with a local presence service at no additional cost.

Protect your brand in Singapore, and register your very own .COM.SG or .SG domain name today.

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