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.ORG.CN China Domain Registration - Register your .ORG.CN Domain Name

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.org.cn $39.99/yr+

OnlyDomains is pleased to offer registration services for .org.cn domain names.

.org.cn Domain Name Information

If you have any questions regarding the registration process for Chinese domain, don't hestitate to contact us.

Chinese Domain Name Registration Information

  • .org.cn Registration Time: 14 days
  • .org.cn Requirements: Restricted
  • Country: China
  • Nationality: Chinese

Multiple Year Discounts on Chinese Domain Names!

Take advantage of our new discount tiers for Chinese domain names. If you’ve been thinking about registering or renewing a Chinese domain name, now is the time to do it. You can get up to 25% off the standard price when you take advantage of our multi-year deal!

The discount table can be found below:

Term Discount Applied Total Amount per Domain*
1 year 0% $ 39.99
2 years 5% $ 76.00
3 years 8% $ 110.00
4 years 10% $ 144.00
5 years 12% $ 176.00
6 years 15% $ 204.00
7 years 18% $ 230.00
8 years 21% $ 253.00
9 years 22% $ 281.00
10 years 25% $ 300.00
* Prices shown above are applicable to .CN, .COM.CN, .ORG.CN and .NET.CN domain names. .CN.COM and internationalized domain names currently aren’t eligible for discounts. * Prices shown above are in USD. Other currencies will differ but only by a USD conversion amount. * Prices shown above don’t include the one-time setup fee applicable to all new .CN domain registrations.

How to apply for a Chinese domain?

  1. Submit your domain application online above
  2. Order confirmation email with an application form attached will be sent to you
  3. Within 4 days after submitting your online request, please provide us with the following documents:
    1. Registered businesses located outside of China are required to provide the following supporting documentation:
      1. Business registration number;
      2. Scanned colored copy of the Registrant’s business certificate (document must be in English language and only .jpg file is accepted, file size cannot exceed 500KB);
      3. Scanned colored copy of the signed Letter of Commitment (.jpg file, cannot exceed 500KB);
      4. Business entities must be listed in one of the following countries: List of countries. Please advise if your country is not listed.
    2. Registered businesses within China are required to provide the following supporting documentation:
      1. A copy of your Chinese Branch's Business License in China; and
      2. A copy of your Certificate of Organization Code in China if your Chinese Branch is registered with Chinese government; and
      3. A copy of Chinese Citizen National ID of the person who is the contact person of your Chinese Branch (Chinese Passport is not accepted)
      4. Business entities must be listed in one of the following countries: List of countries. Please advise if your country is not listed.
    3. Individuals located world-wide are now eligible to hold .CN names and are required to provide the following documentation:
      1. Registrant identification number - driver’s license, passport, national ID, or any other form of authorized identification.
      2. Scanned copy of registrant’s proof of identity (in accordance with the identification number provided above) - must be a .JPG file and cannot exceed 500KB.
      3. Scanned copy of the signed Letter of Commitment (.JPG file: less than 500KB).
    4. The documents can be sent back via Fax +61 3 9783 6844 or Email cnapplications@onlydomains.com
  4. If Registrant is not registered in China's MIIT ICP Recording system, domain name will be on "serverhold" status till Registrant is able to provide us with the MIIT ICP Record Number. Then domain status will be set to "ok".
*Chinese Branch: means international companies, enterprises, and organizations establish within mainland China (PRC), a wholly owned or share controlling entity: including a branch, a subsidiary or a representative office which is having the same "name" as the parent entity. The local entity must register with the relevant Chinese authorities.

For example: IBM should use "IBM China" to register IBM.cn Note: the above do not include embassies, consulates, un-registered individual representatives, non-legal person organizations, and JV entities.
ALERT! Failure to submit all the required documents in time will cause your application to be deleted by CNNIC. Please let us know if we can assist you to complete your documents correctly.

Domain Renewal and Transfer Pricing

Transfer your existing domains to OnlyDomains and keep everything controlled in one simple and easy to manage account.

Please note that in some extensions activating a transfer will renew your domain therefore a renew fee will be charged when placing your transfer order. After the transfer is processed, your domain name will be updated with the new expiry date.

Transfer procedures vary, so don’t hesitate to contact our Support team for any clarification on how to transfer your domain(s) to OnlyDomains.

Renew Fee $39.99/yr
Transfer Fee $0.00

+ registration fee

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