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Domain Privacy – Protect Your Privacy

For all global domain name registrations, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires that you provide complete and accurate contact details to register a domain name, or risk having your domain name license cancelled.

Did you know that ICANN requires that your personal contact details must be listed on a public database which is commonly called a WHOIS Service?

The WHOIS service is accessible by anyone on the Internet. Therefore when you register a domain, you risk exposing your name, address, email, and phone number to spammers, marketing firms, and to online fraud. With our WHOIS Privacy, you can have Peace of Mind that your privacy is protected.

Only Domains Whois Privacy Feature

Only Domains now offers a WHOIS privacy service!

Our WHOIS Privacy service has been designed from the ground up – utilizing privacy protection methods that are compliant to ICANN’s regulatory requirements. This may be used on all* global top level domain names.

Our WHOIS privacy service ensures that your private domain name registration always stays private as long as your privacy protection remains active.

When you purchase our WHOIS Privacy service with your domain name, we make the following changes to the public WHOIS record of your domain name:

  • Replace your postal address with the address of our nominated Privacy Escrow provider
  • Replace your phone number and fax number with phone and fax numbers of our nominated Privacy Escrow provider
  • Replace your email address with a uniquely-generated email address that automatically forwards to your email address

Staying Safe & Secure

About our whois privacy service:

  • Keeps your identity Safe
  • Instant Enable/Disable Feature
  • WHOIS Email Forwarding
  • Low Cost
SSL Listed Features

* Due to restrictions of the regulatory authorities, our WHOIS Privacy service is not available for .asia domain name registrations.

** Our WHOIS Privacy service is restricted to domain names registered with Only Domains.

*** You will need to disable WHOIS Privacy before transferring your domain name to another registrar as they will need your information to initiate a registrar domain name transfer.