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Join the opportunity era with infinite possibility.

The .CO domain offers individuals, organizations and businesses a truly global, recognizable and credible web address for branding their online presence. It is the online space where possibility meets opportunity, where people can bring their ideas to life and where the world's next great enterprises are making a home.

Associated globally with the words "COmpany", "COrporation" and "COmmerce" - the .CO domain is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. And that makes it the perfect platform for today's socially networked individuals and entrepreneurs to create .COmmunities, share .COntent, and to .COnnect, .COmmunicate and .COllaborate online.

The Key Benefits of .CO:

  • .CO is meaningful, memorable and intuitive to use for people around the world
  • .CO gives businesses and brands the chance to create a worldwide footprint
  • .CO is relevant to individuals, businesses and organizations
  • .CO appeals to today's socially-networked individuals and entrepreneurs

The .CO address is open to everyone. What will you create with your .CO?

.CO Domain Information

Only Domains provides direct registration services for the .co domain names with the World domain name registry.

The .co domain name presents a great opportunity for local and international companies wanting to represent their business in World.

By registering a .co domain name, your company can provide relevant and localised information about your product and services.

Local domain names such as .co for World give your company a professional image, which demonstrates proof of your commitment to local customers. By targeting the local World market, you can maximise your company's revenues.

.CO Registration Time: 2 days

.CO Requirements: Unrestricted

Country: generic

Nationality: generic