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.AUZ.INFO Domain Names
Only Domains is pleased to offer registration services for .AUZ.INFO domain names. .AUZ.INFO is the domain extension for Australia and can be registered by following the steps below:

1. Enter the .AUZ.INFO domain you want to register into the text box below.
2. Click the Search button to check availability.


.AUZ.INFO Domain Name Information

If you have any questions regarding the registration process for Australian domain, don't hesitate to contact us.

Australian Domain Name Registration Infomation

.AUZ.INFO Registration Time: 3 days

.AUZ.INFO Requirements: Unrestricted

Country: Australia

Nationality: Australian

Only Domains Limited is committed to providing you with budget priced Australian Domain names.
The .COM.AU domain name is Australia’s most popular domain name, and is well recognized by Australians and internationally as the name space that defines Australia’s online presence.

Other Australian Domain Names such as the .NET.AU domain name and the .AUZ.NET domain name are also growing in popularity, as they are also recognized both nationally and internationally as an essential to use for marketing to an Australian audience.

To register a .COM.AU or .NET.AU domain name, we will require additional information such as:

An Australian Business Number (ABN)
An Australian Company Number (ACN)
A Trademark Number that is accessible from the IP Australia Trademark database
A Registered Business Name that exists in any State or Territory

For customers that are based outside of Australia, you can without any restriction register a .AUZ.NET domain name. By using a .AUZ.NET domain name, you can immediately market your products or services to an Australian audience.

Protect your brand in Australia, and register your very AU domain name today.

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Australian Domain Name Information

For both .COM.AU and for .NET.AU domain names, the registration term is fixed at 2 years.
.AU Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy
Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP)
auDA Published Policies
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